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Chris Williams FRAeS

Chris was a pilot from 1972 until the end of 2005. Soon after gaining his command in 1990, he became the Senior Training Captain on the TriStar fleet, responsible for oversight of crew, instructor / examiners & the production of training material. He was one of the presenters of a Flight Crew Instructional Skills course, the pre-cursor of mandated instructor courses of today. During that period he championed the development of Line Orientated Flight Crew Training (LOFT) on the TriStar fleet that lead to a presentation of “The TriStar Experience” at the Hong Kong Human Factors conference in 1992. He also became qualified to undertake pilot selection sessions for the company.

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    He became Deputy Chief Pilot of Caledonian Airways; responsible for the management of crews, their performance & training as well as the technical side of both aircraft & public transport operations. In 1997 he returned to the Boeing 747-400 fleet, becoming a Standards Captain involved with the training & development of British Airways instructors. He was one of the first in the country to be authorised to carry out examiner training on behalf of the CAA, writing & developing the course from the outset.

    He holds an RYA (Royal Yachting Association) Yachtmaster (Commercial) qualification as well as being an approved tester for CEVNI (Code Européen des Voies de la Navigation Intérieure) & ICC (International Certificate of Competence). As head of training for TOPSL Sailcruise Ltd, he is responsible for the authorisation of members as well as the construction & presentation of relevant courses.

    In the last year Chris has joined our team where he is uniquely placed share his experience in management and training with Healthcare professionals.