Meet the Team
Karen Speight

Karen is a Captain on the Airbus A320 for a major international airline, having previously flown the Boeing 757/767. She has a Masters in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University. Karen has been involved in training of both cabin crew and pilots since 1998, specialising in Crew Resource Management and Human Factors. She has trained trainers and coached them in delivery of this material. She also held a four year post as a technical trainer and has been involved in pilot recruitment since 2000.

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    Since 2008 she has been involved in the development of Human Factors courses. As part of a small team she has developed ideas and training techniques, specializing in risk assessment during decision slots online making and stress management techniques. This work forms a key part of initial and current human factors training given to the pilot workforce. Karen joined Atrainability as a consultant in 2010 and has been involved in classroom based facilitation and in-theatre coaching.