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Here is a selection of the most common questions we are asked prior to providing a formal quotation for training. We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have, please get in touch.

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Training Related Questions

The understanding and awareness of Human Factors training has certainly improved since Atrainability started in 2002. A simple definition of what Human Factors means is as follows:

Human factors examines the relationship between human beings and the systems with which they interact. It covers aspects of Human behaviour such as communication, behaviour, situation awareness and self-awareness.

Professionals will always try to avoid making errors. Unfortunately even the most highly trained and motivated professionals will make mistakes. Human error cannot be eliminated, but with the right tools, awareness and planning the behaviour and actions which can lead to error can be mitigated, avoided and learned from.

As humans, we are all fallible. Those in high-risk professions such as Healthcare and Social care are under increasing pressure and scrutiny. We want to help be a part of eliminating the blame culture and help establish a learning culture.

A suitable understanding of Human Factors can help teams understand negative behaviours or processes and enable them to speak up, make beneficial adjustments to their own behaviours and processes in order to trap or mitigate the consequences of potential errors.

The World Health Organisations uses this as an example:

“Health-care workers who do not understand the basics of human factors are like infection control professionals not knowing about microbiology.”

Training helps teams focus on improving efficiency, creativity, productivity and job satisfaction, with the goal of minimizing errors. A failure to apply human factors principles is a key aspect of most adverse events in health care.

Human Factors non-technical skills training also helps to create understanding of how to learn from errors as well as successes.

Currently the majority of our courses are designed for in-house training, arranged by a team manager or organisation as part of learning and development.

However we do from time to time run Open Courses for individuals. E-Learning - Yes, a neuro-science based approach has been developed in 2019 that saves time and backfill costs. It has been academically tested and produces highly positive long-term learning. A suite of training for specialist areas is being developed. Please contact us to discuss.

The length of our courses depends on the type of training being delivered. For example we would recommend that our Introduction to Human Factors Foundation Course would run across 2-3 days. However we also provide many masterclasses which are delivered as a one day course. Please look at individual courses for course length options or alternatively get in touch via team@atrainability.co.uk

Delegates do not require any previous knowledge of Human Factors to attend our Raising Awareness or Complementary Skills Courses. However, we would recommend that those wishing to book for our Masterclasses or Advanced level courses attend a Foundation level course beforehand with us in order to avoid repeating foundation level content within a higher level course. If you are unsure of your requirements or have further queries on this, please do get in touch.

We train teams in-house across the UK and in the majority of cases we delivery our training at our clients facility, however if on-site training delivery facilities are not available we would look to use a local facility such as hotel conferencing.

Our courses are tailored to the requirements of our clients and therefore we would require a better understanding of training needs prior to providing costs. If you would like us to provide you with a cost quotation please contact us using the contact us form of this website or by email at - team@atrainability.co.uk

We recognise that no two organisations are identical. We always strive to deliver training and coaching that meets the needs of the delegates. Often we get delegates from very mixed workplaces in the same room and it can be difficult to meet all their needs in limited time. We have immense experience in a multitude of specific workplaces. Please contact us to discuss your needs

We always prefer to have an in-depth discussion and ideally a visit to discuss specific needs before embarking on training. This can be phone-based or a physical visit. Often what seems to be the apparent problem or solution could be different when using Human Factors knowledge and experience. For instance, a recent case was a discussion with the surgical lead from a major acute NHS Trust. He described a spate of apparently unconnected errors. The problem was swiftly identified as insufficient attention paid to minor regular procedures – complacency and failure to adhere to process. Suitable training was put in place the address the true underlying issue.

Yes all Atrainability courses are accredited with external CPD points. Most courses attract one CPD point per hour.

• Atrainability started from a base in commercial aviation. We have worked in numerous industries such as nuclear power generation and construction. Recent focal points have been pharmaceutical, ceramics and aluminium production. Human Factors as a subject applies to all humans of course. We delight in new challenges and would be very interested in fresh areas. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your issues. If we can we will try to help but equally if it is outside our area of expertise, we will be honest with you.

Occasionally we have been able to step in and help clients at short notice. Please contact us to discuss.

Yes indeed. We offer training from presentation skills through the to the particular skills and knowledge required to deliver effective Human Factors courses. We offer a bespoke program designed to address the gaps in knowledge and skills and produce a rounded outcome. Please contact us to discuss.

• We can handle large numbers in a lecture style presentation. However for effective workshop delivery a maximum of 30 is desirable. Our extended 2 or 3 day Train the Champion courses are most effective when delivered to about 25 delegates to ensure interaction and group management. We can provide additional trainers to accommodate larger numbers. Please contact us to discuss.

Interaction is preferable enabling interchange of delegate experience. Successful courses have been delivered with less than 10 attendees.

Company Related questions

Atrainability's main office is based in Surrey, however our trainers are able to provide training across the UK and also overseas. For more information please view our About Us page.

Atrainability has been delivering training since 2002 and in that time has grown to become one of the recognised leaders in the field of Human Factors Training to the medical profession. For more information please view our About Us page.

Our instructors have backgrounds in many fields, including Medical and Aviation. Our Managing Director, Trevor Dale was one of the team that was responsible for the introduction of Human Factors within British Airways as aviation was one of the first adopters of Human Factors training. For more information please view our About Us page.