Cultural Awareness

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Cultural Awareness in Healthcare

A critical aspect of team working, both with colleagues and patients, this latest course from Atrainability aims to raise personal cultural awareness, with the ultimate aim of maintaining a positive influence on safety.

This course has been co-developed with Dr. Katrin Alden, and Atrainability is delighted to welcome Dr Katrin Alden to our training team. Katrin is an NHS clinician specialising in dermatology and a clinical lecturer for Cardiff university. She has completed the prestigious certificate in higher education teaching with Harvard University. Using her knowledge of the latest methods of teaching and learning paired with her experience in providing the highest quality medical education she has created a bespoke cultural competency course for clinicians.

As always with our courses and workshops, our primary focus is on ensuring the time you spend away from the workplace is both enjoyable and worthwhile.

The specific outcomes we address in this course are:

  • Recognise conscious and unconscious bias in relation to diversity
  • Understand how to modify behaviour in a way which is inclusive and values diversity
  • Increase skills in coping with diverse cultural beliefs which can help healthcare professionals meet the needs of patients, families, and fellow professionals
  • Reflect and review their own understanding and practice
  • Understand the barriers to effective cross-cultural communications and how to deal with them  

“I can honestly say that the two Atrainability Human Factors courses that I have attended have been two of the most influential and beneficial courses I have attended, they have made a huge change to my clinical practice”

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